Boxing Day Sale 001

The last couple of years, i used to enjoy Black Friday and Boxing Day relaxing on the couch, snacking on unhealthy food, watching tv and shopping online. I know that i miss better deals in stores but couldn’t tolerate the craziness in the mall. As for this year, i thought that i need to face my fears and to go grab those deals 🤗🤗🤗. Well, i regret it!!

I hit Tangers, Winners and Bayshore Mall but what i’ve scored doesn’t worse getting out in the cold and minding the craziness. The deals weren’t the best, actually the discount was much less than the regular seasonal sale, here is what i’ve bought:

BCBGMaxazaria Harem Pant, House of Harlow Booties and a Sterling Silver Earrings

Winners, 16$ (Retail price 40$)

Winners, 10$ (Retail Price 150$)

Saks off Fifth Avenue, 34$ (Retail Price 210$)
Found them all in the Clearence Departement, so obviously the boxing day discount wasn’t applied. As for Zara, Aritzia, Gap and the other fast fashion shops, i like to wait a couple of weeks as the prices tend to be better at the end of sale.


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