Shopping at the Dollar Store

“From a needle to a rocket” this is how we, egyptian, describe a store where you  an find almost anything you need, which is any dollar store. I like how all the essentials are in the same place whithout being too overwhelming at the same time, this and the good prices of course. In Ottawa, we have The dollar store and Dollarama as the main dollar store chain, although the dollar store is way cheaper, the quality and brands in Dollarama us way better. The toys section, for example is amazing, i always find 3 and 4$ licensed toys that worth 20$ as retail price; also, the beauty products shelves carry a lot of nice brands hair of and skin care products, the trick is to shop smartley: comparing the prices with the other retailers as Walmart and Giant Tiger help u to know what to buy and what not to. Here’s what i got in the last trip to the both shops.

Minions Mega Blocks 4$ each, not less than 15$ elsewhere; Life magazine Audrey Hepburn issue and People the 70’s issue 3$ each; and Crocs knee high socks 4$, all from Dollarama.

Long sleeves cotton shirts, 1.25$ each from The dollar store.


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